Motocaddy M7 GPS Electric Trolley (36 Hole) Lithium Battery B/N Boxed In Stock

Motocaddy M7 GPS Electric Trolley (36 Hole) Lithium Battery B/N Boxed In Stock
Motocaddy M7 GPS Electric Trolley (36 Hole) Lithium Battery B/N Boxed In Stock
Motocaddy M7 GPS Electric Trolley (36 Hole) Lithium Battery B/N Boxed In Stock
Motocaddy M7 GPS Electric Trolley (36 Hole) Lithium Battery B/N Boxed In Stock
Motocaddy M7 GPS Electric Trolley (36 Hole) Lithium Battery B/N Boxed In Stock

Motocaddy M7 GPS Electric Trolley (36 Hole) Lithium Battery B/N Boxed In Stock

Motocaddy M7 GPS Electric Trolley with 36 Hole Lithium Battery. 36 Hole Lithium Battery Version. The Very Best In Design, Build & Functionality.

Motocaddy was founded in 2004 to bring the very best in design, build and functionality to golfers of all ages and abilities looking for reliable and affordable golf trolleys. Since then, They have built a strong reputation for the depth of our consumer research and extent of investment in product development. They have also led the drive towards Lithium as the most efficient and cost-effective battery option for powered golf trolleys, while expanding the choice for push trolley users and those looking for matching golf bags and accessories. Motocaddy M7 GPS Remote Electric Golf Trolley. Offering the ultimate in responsive control, the all-new M7 GPS is the World's first remote controlled touchscreen trolley featuring quick and accurate fully integrated high-performance GPS for over 40,000 worldwide courses.

The fully integrated GPS built into a super-responsive 3.5 touchscreen display. Easily viewable no matter the weather, the screen can be easily controlled in all conditions? Even while wearing a glove.

Boasting 40,000 pre-loaded courses with distances to the front, middle and back of the green, plus hazards, the M7 GPS Remote offers the ability to move the flag position for more accurate shot preparation. Packed with features, the high-resolution touchscreen display also includes a Clock, Round timer and Score tracking, plus the par and stroke index of each hole, shot distance measurement, automatic hole advancement and a battery meter. The NEW Motocaddy M7 GPS Remote Electric Trolley features a rechargeable handset, removable anti-tip wheel, and automatic Downhill Control technology for the ultimate in responsive control.

Following extensive development and testing, the M7 REMOTE's powerful drive system offers unrivalled reliability, optimised battery efficiency, and instinctive trolley control from your first time behind the wheel. The rechargeable remote control handset conveniently clips to the trolley frame for easy access and storage. The latest handset provides golfers with ergonomic controls, improving usability and precision when controlling the trolley. The sophisticated remote control model integrates all the cutting-edge M-Series functionality including the world?

S simplest folding mechanism, innovative car boot-friendly design, high-power 28.8V system, easily-adjustable handle height and over-sized tubing for ultimate trolley stability. It also features a removable rear anti-tip wheel and automatic Downhill Control to traverse undulations with ease. Developed with award-winning DHC technology, the trolley can also maintain a constant speed while moving down a gradient? Thanks to a special single motor that offers downhill braking, coupled with an electronic parking brake. It also comes with specialised all-terrain DHC wheels.

Established over a decade ago, Downhill Control (DHC) has undergone extensive development and refinement since its creation. The game-changing technology is now considered an essential feature for thousands of golfers across the globe. DHC ensures the trolley maintains a constant speed while moving down a gradient, helping golfers stay in complete control around even the most undulating golf courses.

The award-winning feature is now bolstered by the integration of all-terrain wheels and an electronic parking brake, perfect for planting the trolley on an uphill or downhill slope. IDEAL FOR : Golfers looking for a small folding remote model with exceptional control. Over 90% of golfers are now opting for a Lithium battery to power their electric trolley because they provide a more reliable, high-tech and cost-effective alternative to traditional Lead-acid. The lightweight and compact Lithium batteries are also designed to remain on the trolley when folded down, to make it easier when travelling to and from the course and can be recharged from empty in less than five hours. Motocaddy M7 GPS Remote Electric Golf Trolley Features.

Convenient, accurate, & removes the need for external GPS devices. Automatically finds local courses in seconds.

Front, middle & back of green distances, plus hazards. Quickly access all the information you need to plan your next shot. Compatibility with new cellular subscription packages offering real-time data access & enhanced GPS functionality. Green map updates to display shape of hole being played. Drag & drop pin positioning. Move the on-screen flag position for accurate shot planning. Smartphone notifications (calls, texts, emails & apps).

Optional alerts keep golfers updated with life off the course. Handy on-screen scorecard helps golfers track their round. Provides golfers with valuable distance data. On-Course AED locator & CPR instructions.

Quick-access to location of on-course defibrillators & easy-to-follow CPR instructions. WiFi or cellular + powered, Over the Air updates.

Easy, super-fast course & system updates. Ergonomic design that can be conveniently attached to the trolley frame. Forward, left, right & reverse controls. Allows the trolley to maintain a constant speed when moving down a gradient.

With anti-skid tread to tackle all types of ground with ease. Pause & resume, plus emergency stop. Helps golfers stay in control and safely navigate around the course. Ensures the handset does not get engaged accidentally. Instantly switch to handle control when preferred. Keeps the trolley stable through rough terrain and course undulations. Control the M7 REMOTE from distance with complete peace of mind. Award-winning M-Series folding technology fits into the smallest car boots.

Next generation, High Power 28V system. More powerful, efficient, & reliable than ever before. Nine-speed settings, Speed indicator & Battery meter. Stay in complete control with a quick glance at the handle display.

Clearly visible in all weather conditions. On screen remote handset battery meter. Helps ensure the wireless remote remains charged & ready for action. Ideal for charging any USB powered device while you play.

No need to remove the battery for storage, transportation & charging. Oversize tubing for ultimate handle stability.

Thicker frame profile combines with top quality materials for unrivalled performance. Flip the wheels to fit into the tightest spaces. Allows the trolley to stand upright for minimised folded footprint. Ensures the trolley is optimised for golfers of every height. Two powerful, whisper quiet 230w DHC motors.

Quiet, exceptional performance with power when you need it. Securely attach your Motocaddy golf bag without a lower bag strap. FREE 6 Month Advanced GPS Performance Plan.

Including Umbrella Holder & Accessory Station. Weight without Battery 14.4kg. Weight of Extended Lithium Battery 2.7kg. Folded 650mm (L) x 470mm (W) x 420mm (H).
Motocaddy M7 GPS Electric Trolley (36 Hole) Lithium Battery B/N Boxed In Stock